C-Y-N-T - Cardiff This Sunday!

Got anything planned for this bank holiday Sunday?  Well if you fancy this (1min27 drop)
followed by this (which featured on Rooney's Nike advert btw)

Plus a DJ set by Friendly Fires, and you're near Cardiff, then come 'ere. C-Y-N-T. Simples


Look what the cat dragged in...

Giggs (aka Hollowman) is a grime artist who grew up in Peckham, South London.  He's got a slow, deep, unique flow and is taking off right now. He released Don't Go There earlier this year, but this is his newest single 'Look What the Cat Dragged In' which is to be on his forthcoming album Let Em Have It which is out June 21st.


Caspa - My Style

Caspa, the big man behind Dub Police is starting a new mix series called My Style, with him on the decks for #1.
It's to be released on CD from 7th June 2010 and comes with exclusive DVD footage of Caspa and the Dub Police Crew. You can find more info on the series including the tracklist for the first mix by clicking here.  Here is a huge mix by The Others & Rod Azlan to get you in the mood > Download.


Born Free (Or not)

Here is a link to MIA's controversial new video for Born Free.  This video is banned on youtube in America but you can watch it here VIDEO.  Due to the violence involved you have to be a signed up to youtube to watch it.  Plus if you don't have a youtube account...get with the times grandad! This video didn't exactly leave me feeling on top of the world so I thought I would put up a feel good  track to make up for it.  Turn your speakers up. Over and out.


Radio 1s Big Weekender

Registration for tickets opened today. You can apply via the website here. There are 40,000 tickets being given away for free, however last year 350,000 people applied so you'll have to be lucky to get some.  Its in Bangor, North Wales and the acts include:
  • Dizzee Rascal,
  • Rihanna, 
  • Pendulum, 
  • Sub Focus, 
  • Faithless, 
  • MGMT, 
  • Tinie Tempah, 
  • Hadouken,
  • and Example.  
Plus loads of other folk. Check the full line up here.  When registering you have to chose which day you want to apply for and you can't apply more than once from the same address. Here's Prodigy killing it at last year's Big Weekend to get you hyped.  Good luck!!


And the love kickstarts again...

This is big right now.
Also check the Bar9 Remix if you're on a dubstep flex or the Wideboys Remix if you're into cheesy nonsense.  Happy Sunday. 


500th Essential Mix Last Night!!

First starting in 1993, Radio 1's essential mix hit number 500 last night which was recorded live from Liverpool.  The 500th act was Airplane from Belgium (Myspace). Pete Tong and Sasha also stood up, plus this man; Richie Hawtin.
If you're unaware of Richie Hawtin check out his soundcloud.  Hawtin is known for producing and DJing minimal techno and he also produces under the alias of Plastikman, as well as various others.  You can listen to him on the Essential Mix via the Radio 1 website for the next 7 days.


Carl Cox

He needs no introduction. A musical ambassador since he was in short trousers, a professional DJ since his early teens, a veteran of acid house and a champion of techno, Carl Cox emits a love of his work that is dangerously infectious.  Check his website 
Videos, tracks, photos, tour dates, forums, the lot!  Also make sure you check out this video.  Every single penny it costs to get to Ibiza and into Space would be worth it just to be there at 1min58 in this video!



This is some dark bassment head nodding business.  Komonazmuk is yet another Bristol dubstep producer.  The scene is BIG!  He has been part of the H.E.N.C.H gang from day one. 
Check:  Facebook - Myspace - Twitter.
I was lucky enough to interview him today for a documentary I'm putting together called 'The Evolution of Dubstep'.  This will be posted on here when its complete so sit tight!



What do you think of when you hear the term 'Goose'? Urban dictionary describes it as 'to roughly and rudely prod someone in the anus'. Haha! It also happens to be a gangster rapper from the US dropping bangers like this 

Also check out the track 'Cali' on his myspace.

Here's something I found earlier

DNB Vibezzzzzzzzzzz. 

Big Mix.  

Loxy Bluenote at the controls.


Dem Slackers

Fancy a bit of fidget? Check their Myspace



Enjoy the sun..............


Bristol Stand Up!

This is Mensah, a producer on Jakes' H.E.N.C.H label. A dubstep producer from Bristol featuring on CSI New York? Damn right. Check this Myspace here:


Boogaloo Business

New from Wiley.  It will be big.

Talking of Boogaloo...Check out these guys, the Boogaloo Crew, put on 'Calling All Dancers' and have a little boogie.



You must have heard of Toddla T. But have you seen his video of him and Annie Mac in Thailand?   

Or the Lady Chann backseat freestyle?

Or heard practically his entire album 'Skanky Skanky' via his myspace?  Well if you don't know, now you know.



This track was originally called Woo and Rusko sent it over to his pal for a radio show but it was a bit quiet so he amplified it before he sent it, and labelled it Woo Boost and the name just stuck.  Rusko has an official video for the original which you can watch here, comment on this post to let me know what you think of it; I'm unsure! And now Subskrpt has had his wicked way with it. Chiggedy check....


Get Locked!!!

Plastician on 11 - 1! 
Listen live now. 
Click the link!

Bit of Filth

Stenchman Mix for BBC 1Xtra --> Download.  Its taken off a 3 hour Rusko show so don't get too confused when you see the file name.
Stenchman — The Monkeys Paw
Stenchman — Lonmongo Doltroy
Stenchman — Coin Grab Fuc**tard
Stenchman — Poetry Of The Dancing Bee
Stenchman — Pulled On My Groin
Stenchman — Free Will
Stenchman — Puking Over Vip
Stenchman — Erectile Dysfunction
Stenchman — Dropout Disaster
Stenchman — Gregory 140
Stenchman — Unicorn, Leprechaun, Hairbrush
Stenchman — Make Ya Face Crack Vip
Stenchman — Dirt And Germs
Stenchman — On A Ragga Tip
Stenchman — Prime Time Swine
Buraka Som Sistema — General (Stenchman Remix)
Stenchman — A Milli Rmx
Stenchman — New Socks, Two Socks
Phoenix — Listomania (Stench Refix)
Stenchman — Next Level Mission
Stenchman — Banks Of The Nile Vip
Stenchman — Number One Vip
Stenchman — Cow Story
Stenchman — This Is Important
Stenchman — Distress Signal Vip
Stenchman — Re-Construct
Stenchman — Spell On You
Wu-Tang Clan — Handle The Heights (Stenchmans Vertigo Remix)
Stenchman — Licking The Envelope

On the subject of filth...who remembers Fun House?  This is AMAZING


I got an anagram for yah.....FUNTCASE!!

This one goes in hard!  Forthcoming on Circus Records. Check his Myspace

Dark garage vibes

What came before dubstep? This (as well as various other things). Artwork has been around for ages. He is one third of Magnetic Man which also comprises of Skream and Benga.  They are currently working on an album. Exciting!

Get Darker!

Ima keep this one short. If you like lots of sick free dubstep podcasts click here and subscribe to the itunes podcast on the right hand side. Baaaaaare mixes to be heard. Just have a snoop around the site in general.  All sorts of good things going on.


If you ain't heard of Mishka they are a clothing label in the US but also seem to be an institution for electronic mixes.  I think it's quite a priviledge to compile a mix for them. This is where you can get the 'Keep Watch' guest mixes.  Mishka mixes seem to be a step above your standard mix with a few more dubplates involved.  They've had Skream, Plastician, Crookers, Rusko to name a few and the most recent is by this funny looking chap called Craze from Miami with an upbeat mix incorporating all sorts!


This ones a banger...

This is alot right now. P Money - Slang (Produced by this badman)



If you like dubstep and don't know Hatcha then you should be ashamed of yourself, he was there from the very start!   This is a video of him at DMZ's 5th birthday with an absolute TUNE in the background (Gangreen by Hatcha. Coming out on Croydon Dubheads vol 2, Sin City recordings )
Here is his Myspace and you can catch him tonight and every Tuesday at 1am on Kiss FM with his MC Crazy D. (Tune in an hour early for some dirty electro with Loose Cannons too!)



Fancy a quality dubstep mix off a rather attractive Australian producer who goes by the name of Kito?
Then click here.  There's an interview on the same page too!  


Forward Planning

The Bug is coming to Bristol for Concrete Beat on May bank holiday Sunday.  So here's a big track by Bug and Flowdan with Loefah on the remix to find out what will be in store. 
Pinch (one of the biggest names in the Bristol dubstep scene) is also playing and heres a mix he done for yah!



This is Kye Gibbon aka Foamo.  A fidget/house/club producer who dabbles in dubstep. Check his Myspace here.  If you were lucky enough to be in Egg nightclub in London last night then you will probably star in his new video because they were filming it in there.
This is possibly one of my favourite ever mixes. House Party Mix
Get it.

P.s.  Here are some policefolk enjoying a spot of dubstep. 
--> Video.



Nothing like a bit of filth on a Friday afternoon.

If you haven't heard of 16 Bit then gosh knows where you've been hiding.  Couple of heavy dubstep producers who are responsible for this insanity...Chainsaw Calligraphy.  And this Milky Pie Mix won best mix of this year in the dubstep forum awards.  It's good, real good.


Bare Festival Line Ups

This does exactly what it says on the tin:
I'm nice like that...

Brighton Bass

This is High Rankin.  A producer from Brighton who incorporates dubstep and any other sort of bass driven music into his sets.  I've seen him before and it was a big night.  Check these out by clicking on them. The Tale of Clarence Baskerville and No Money For Guns
Here is a song about Mcat called Meow Meow.
And here is a mix about wanking. Rankers Cramp (April 2010)
I almost fell off my chair at 6min 12.  (I wasn't wanking)