Bit of Filth

Stenchman Mix for BBC 1Xtra --> Download.  Its taken off a 3 hour Rusko show so don't get too confused when you see the file name.
Stenchman — The Monkeys Paw
Stenchman — Lonmongo Doltroy
Stenchman — Coin Grab Fuc**tard
Stenchman — Poetry Of The Dancing Bee
Stenchman — Pulled On My Groin
Stenchman — Free Will
Stenchman — Puking Over Vip
Stenchman — Erectile Dysfunction
Stenchman — Dropout Disaster
Stenchman — Gregory 140
Stenchman — Unicorn, Leprechaun, Hairbrush
Stenchman — Make Ya Face Crack Vip
Stenchman — Dirt And Germs
Stenchman — On A Ragga Tip
Stenchman — Prime Time Swine
Buraka Som Sistema — General (Stenchman Remix)
Stenchman — A Milli Rmx
Stenchman — New Socks, Two Socks
Phoenix — Listomania (Stench Refix)
Stenchman — Next Level Mission
Stenchman — Banks Of The Nile Vip
Stenchman — Number One Vip
Stenchman — Cow Story
Stenchman — This Is Important
Stenchman — Distress Signal Vip
Stenchman — Re-Construct
Stenchman — Spell On You
Wu-Tang Clan — Handle The Heights (Stenchmans Vertigo Remix)
Stenchman — Licking The Envelope

On the subject of filth...who remembers Fun House?  This is AMAZING

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