A Mixed Bag!

1. Funk Butcher - producer and presenter on Rinse FM. All things house and funky every Friday 5pm- 7pm.  Check his soundcloud now! Dance away...

2. Tinie Tempah is killing it right now, from a nationwide tour to collabing with Diddy on the 'Hello Good Morning (Team UK Remix)' along with T Strydz, which you can listen to here. However Bristol's TC has remixed his latest single 'Frisky' which you can check below.

3. If you like free music, especially electro, and you have Twitter or Facebook (which is 1/13th of the entire population!) then you're in luck because Brodinski has teamed up with Radioclit (link to Radioclit's 'Divine Gosa' Switch remix) to release a track entitled 'PLZ LET MI FUK YA' (which gets nicely to the point) and all they want in return is a tweet.  So click here to take full advantage!

4. Toddla T's 'Sky Surfin' featuring Wayne Marshall is about as upbeat as it gets, you can listen to it and check Toddla out in Jamaica whilst linking with Wayne Marshall, and many others on this video.  However house / club producer Douster from Argentina has got his hands on it and has smashed it with mellow, bassy vibes and you can download the remix for free here.

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