Mary Anne Hobbs - The Queen of Dubstep

Mary Anne Hobbs played a MASSIVE part in making dubstep more accessible and introducing the sound to a new audience by playing it on her Radio 1 Experimental show in 2006.  She has helped pioneer the sound and her show Dubstep Warz which aired on the 10th January 2006 featured only the biggest producers and went down as a legendary moment in the evolution of dubstep.  This show helped expand dubstep to a global level can be found here and downloaded here.
Unfortunately Mary Anne Hobbs aired her final broadcast for Radio 1 last night after 14 years with the BBC.  She was joined by Burial and Kode 9. It was an emotional send off and you can listen to it here on the iplayer for the next seven days.  She is now venturing to Sheffield University to act as a mentor to students.  Best of luck to her, she will be missed!

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