Blame - The Music

Blame is one of the most creative and respected producers in the drum and bass community.  He took the scene by storm with this jungle track 'Music Takes You' back in 1990 at the turning point of the emerging drum and bass scene. Now more a pioneer of thought inspiring liquid drum and bass, his new album 'Blame - The Music' is out now and available to buy via his website  blamethemusic.com.  His website also gives you the opportunity to listen to the entire album by clicking the 'album player' tab.  He is also running a remix competition giving you the chance to get one of your tracks remixed by him and released on a top record label! So if you are a producer/ vocalist / or in a band, click the 'remix competition' tab on his website now for more info!

The album includes vocalists such as Tinchy Stryder, Dynamite MC, Rodney P and Jenna G.  Here is the second release from the album entitled Star (part 1) ft Fuda Guy & Camilla

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